Prices for Halifax and Huddersfield
£25 per hour
£229 block of 10 hours
Lesson Prices for Telford
£28 per hour
£260 block of 10 hours
All Areas
4 hours for £75
To be taken as 2 lessons of 2 hours each. For new learners only

When you’re looking for a new car you’ll look for the cheapest deal you can find. A 1.0 Ford Fiesta Titanium is the same wherever you buy it from. So why pay more just to get it from a fancy showroom?

Not all Driving Instructors or Driving Schools are the same.

At JT School of Motoring we ask our pupils to give us reviews based on their experience of learning with us.

Many pupils started their tuition with other schools, then switched to us. We get a massive positive response regarding our tuition and service, and always ask if there is anything we can improve on. We use this information to make our Driving School the best there is.

I am so confident of the capabilities of our Driving Instructors to be able to deliver a top-quality service and
tuition standard that I am prepared to guarantee it.

If you Trust Us with the first 10 hours of your tuition I promise you a massive discount to simply Try Us and See.

We are not the cheapest around, and we do not attempt to be. We do try to be the best. This will result in you taking fewer lessons, and ultimately spending less overall.

I am confident that you will be impressed with our service and the dedication and skills of your Instructor that should you no be completely satisfied, I will personally authorise a refund.

What else can I say to assure you that we absolutely are the best choice in the area?

John Thomas
JT School of Motoring