Whilst practising in between driving lessons can be very valuable it can also hinder your progress if not carried out in the correct manner. All driving practice should be relevant. There are two main reasons why it can be a bit of a disaster in the initial stages when learning to drive. The first one is to do with location & where you practice your driving whilst the second is to do with driving ability or experience.

Your family or friends are more than likely going to suggest you simply get behind the wheel & drive. That’s all well & good for them to suggest when they might have been doing that for years so to them it is second nature. If you are not at the stage where you are driving on busy roads with your driving instructor then it isn’t recommended you do so during your practice sessions.

Stick to the surroundings you are used to with your Instructors. If you are used to a quiet housing estate where there is no traffic then tell your friends & family that is what you need to benefit from the practice. Ideally if you are really local to the area where your driving instructor takes you then by all means get your friends & family to drive you there then begin your practice once you are within familiar surroundings.

The second reason why practising can be a disaster early on is as we have mentioned about location, your family & friends do not understand where you are up to in relation to learning towards the driving syllabus. To expect you to go out on to a busy main road when it might be something that you have never experienced in your lessons with your Instructor is madness.

Practising with family & friends should be used to cover what you already know. The things that you have learned so far with your Instructor should be what you practice so that when you resume your lessons a quick refresher is all that is needed before you move on with the next part of the syllabus.

If your friends & family really want to help you pass your practical driving test then they would be well advised to continue practising what you were doing in your last lesson.

If you know you need to practice on a particular task but you spend your practice time driving aimlessly about with no real purpose to the practice session it isn’t going to improve you, if anything it is going to slow your progress as you then need to practice more during your actual driving lessons. So as you can see, practice can be good, provided it is used alongside & relevant to your recent driving lessons.