A good quality driving instructor will have a clear set of objectives for you before you begin your first driving lesson. You will also have clear goals set for you to strive to meet before you proceed to the next step of the driving syllabus.

It is not acceptable to simply say that your objective or your goal is to pass your test. To achieve that you have to complete much smaller objectives & goals that will move you a further step towards firstly taking your practical test & secondly passing it.

These smaller goals & objectives will have already been set out by a good quality instructor even before they have met you.

Driving Instructors need to pass a tough examination themselves to become a qualified instructor. However once they do, there is no legal requirement for them to further continue with any refresher courses. The smart instructors & the good quality instructors will further develop themselves by keeping up to date with the latest techniques & industry standards whilst other instructors continue to teach old methods.

For example as we have mentioned, a quality instructor will have a detailed plan which might go something like this. Each driving lesson will start with a brief run down of your last lesson. It will act as a  reminder to you & your instructor where you are within the driving syllabus & give you the opportunity to ask your Instructor if you need further practice before moving on with the next step. Whilst a good instructor should be able to spot whether you need further practice he cannot know whether you yourself feel comfortable.

The Instructor will also tell you what you are going to cover in that day’s lesson. He will set you your objective for that lesson & will tell you what your goal should be by the end of the lesson. You should ensure that you understand what you are being asked to do & if in any doubt seek clarification before you begin the lesson so as to avoid confusion.

At the end of the driving lesson a similar run down of what you have covered in the lesson should take place. This will act as an overview of everything that you have done & again both you & your Instructor should have the chance to communicate the need for extra practice on a given task you might have covered.

This is a great way of preparing you for your practice with friends & family if you have that opportunity. It’s like your Instructor setting you homework & you making your additional practice count by polishing up on those you both highlight as your weak spots.

As you can see there is a clear procedure in place which your instructor will guide you through lesson by lesson.  At no point will you move on to the next point in the driving syllabus until you both agree that you are comfortable & competent on the existing task in hand.

This precise set of procedures will collectively ensure you progress through the syllabus at a steady pace to achieve your end goal of passing your practical driving test.