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Huddersfield’s Premier Driving School offering Success Based Lessons that deliver with 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Lisa is our Customer Services Advisor who will be delighted to discuss your requirements and match your availability to our Huddersfield instructors.

Customer services are open Monday – Saturday 08.30am – 18.00pm

For inquiries outside hours, please contact us stating your preferred location for lessons  lisa@jtsom.co.uk

The Main Reason I chose J T School of Motoring
Customer Reviews Huddersfield Ellie Dyson

Customer Reviews Huddersfield Ellie Dyson

“Really important criteria for me when choosing a Driving School was that they would prepare me to be a safe driver. I also took a major interest in the pass rate of the School. I received recommendations from friends when researching too. Learning to drive was a much more fun and a lot less scary than I expected. My Driving Instructor John Thomas was amazing and was always calm. We worked at my learning pace which helped my confidence a huge amount. Overall the service was excellent and I also liked the ease of payment, with the block bookings being especially good.”

Customer Reviews Huddersfield Ellie Dyson

Customer Reviews Huddersfield Rowan Bell

Customer Reviews Huddersfield Rowan Bell

“My older sister used the School for her driving tuition and was very happy at the service received so that’s who I decided to trust with mine. There was a lot more content involved in learning to drive than I thought, but my Driving Instructor John Thomas had very clear teaching methods which were easy to follow, that made taking it all in much easier. I have recommended the school and John to most of the people in my year because of the level of teaching!!”

Customer Reviews Huddersfield Rowan Bell

Customer Reviews Huddersfield Lauren Burkinshaw

Customer Reviews Huddersfield Lauren Burkinshaw

“Thanks to JTSoM, I was able to get through my driving test with the knowledge that I had my instructor to help me every step of the way. Initially when I started driving I was extremely lacking in confidence but because of Johns kind nature and professional advice I was able to gain confidence and pass my test first time, then went on to Pass Plus which was such a valuable experience. I would definitely recommend anybody to use JT School of Motoring, easy to get along with and also knows how to get the job done.”

Customer Reviews Huddersfield Lauren Burkinshaw


Driving School Huddersfield – Success Based Lessons

    • One of the leading driving schools in West Yorkshire.

    • Like many other schools we offer discounts for beginners.

    • It’s so important to get your theory exam completed early to ensure there’s no delays.

    • Give our Try Us & See lesson a go to see if we are right for you.

    • Students searching for the top schools might want to look at a schools first-time pass rate.

    • We fully support practice with Family & Friends.


We are JT School of Motoring, one of the leading Driving Schools in the county of West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation which has been built over the years through the positive feedback from our previous students. As we are at the forefront of Driving Tuition in the local area we remain one of the market leaders thanks to our staff & driving instructors who adhere themselves to the procedures & structured tuition we set out.

Most Driving Schools offer competitive rates, most provide discounts for beginners or for students. We have to come up with something that will propel us to the top of the pile & we believe that our most popular package, our “Try Us & See” package does just that. This package ensures you can give us a try to ensure we meet all your requirements without any risk.

If you commit to ten lessons we will provide substantial discounts and if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with any part of services we will issue a full no questions asked refund. It’s easy to see why we are one of the leading suppliers of driving tuition.

We have both male & female instructors ensuring all our students are comfortable with their tutor. All our instructors are highly trained & follow best practice & provide client centred learning. Your driving lessons should be tailor made to your individual needs based on your driving experience from previous lessons. Initially you should carry out your earlier lessons from day one on a local quiet housing estate away from any traffic. This will get you used to the car & it’s controls.

Once you are able to handle the car you will move to more testing surroundings. Lessons should cover a little at a time rather than too much which can be overbearing & mind blowing. Engaging in a little learning at a time can ensure you take on board each task with confidence.

We fully support practising with family & friends in between lessons. This can only enhance your learning abilities & give you a greater confidence behind the wheel. Your report card will certainly help you during your practice sessions as your instructor identifies at the end of each lesson where you should look to improve on certain aspects of your driving. Continuous practice on the tasks highlighted can only improve your experience.

It is important to get your theory exam completed as quickly as possible. This will help your driving instructor when booking you in for your practical exam. If you instructor is aware you have passed your theory then he can book you in for your practical as soon as he thinks you are ready without any delay.

We are extremely proud of our first-time pass rate which is very high. This is very much to do with the structured learning procedures we have in place. We know they work & we know that our students feel confident enough to pass first time themselves.


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Best of luck with your tuition,

John Thomas.