Lesson Prices

£25 per hour

£229 block of 10 hours

4 hours for £79
To be taken as 2 lessons of 2 hours each; for  new learners only.


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Telephone: 01484 945004

Email: learn@jtsom.co.uk

Address: 4 Daisy Green, Linthwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5PJ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drivinglessonhuddersfield


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About this School


  • We are one of the leading driving schools in West Yorkshire
  • We offer discounts for beginners and for block bookings
  • We offer help and encouragement to get your Theory Test completed asap
  • Our Try Us and See deal takes the risk away for you.
  • We provide help and guidance where practice with Family and friends is available

JT School of Motoring is one of the leading Driving Schools in West Yorkshire. Our excellent reputation has been built over the last decade and are very proud of it. We actively seek feedback from our previous pupils to ensure we continually improve the service we provide.

We offer competitive rates, like all other Driving Schools, but have a unique offering as we are so convinced of our ability to help you get your full driving licence in a timely and cost-effective way.

Our Try Us and See deal offers you a no risk opportunity to start learning and ensure we meet all your requirements. If you book a block of ten hours, we give you a very substantial discount. Then, if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with any part of our service, we will give you a no questions asked refund. That should make clear our commitment to you, and it’s the reason why we have become a leading provider of Driving Tuition.

All our Instructors are DVSA approved, and benefit from continual training to keep them up to speed with all new legislation and best learning practices. We follow the best practices and provide client centred learning. That means your driving lessons are completely tailored to your individual needs and requirements – based on your abilities and previous lessons and experience. Your first lessons will be in quiet residential areas, away from busy traffic. Then as your experience and capabilities grow, you will progress to busier and more challenging areas. At all times your instructor will keep you, and all other road users safe.

Each lesson will build on your skill and experience, step by step, building your confidence and capabilities. We will never drop you in at the deep end, that is a sure fire way of destroying any confidence you have built up.

We fully support private practice with family or friends between lessons. That will help massively in the learning process, and shorten the time it takes to get you ready to take your practical driving test.

We will also encourage you right from the start to work towards passing your Theory Test as soon as possible. We will provide access to Theory Test Pro, which is THE best tool to give you all the information and practice to help you pass that test first time. You must pass your Theory Test before your Instructor can book your Practical Driving Test, and it will greatly assist with your driving lessons.

Our First Time Pass Rate is extremely high, a fact that we are incredibly proud of. Our structured learning process is a major factor in this. It makes our students feel confident, which helps them to feel confident that they will pass first time.

Theory Test Pro in partnership with JT School of Motoring

Most Recent Pass

Brandon Wood Test Pass Huddersfield

Congratulations to Brandon Wood of Lindley, Huddersfield on passing his Driving Test 1st time, today 4th January 2019. 
Amsterdam for the New Year, then back to Huddersfield and passing your test. Great start to the year!
It’s been a pleasure teaching you, even though you needed pushing at times. 
Now you need to start hassling to get added to someone’s insurance.
So, just like your brother, passed 1st time with JT School of Motoring - but you had less faults! 
Well done Brandon, from your Driving Instructor John Thomas and all the team at JT School of Motoring.


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Recent Reviews

  • Ellie Dyson

    Really important criteria for me when choosing a Driving School was that they would prepare me to be a safe driver. I also took a major interest in the pass rate of the School. I received recommendations from friends when researching too. Learning to drive was a much more fun and a lot less scary than I expected.

    My Driving Instructor John Thomas was amazing and was always calm. We worked at my learning pace which helped my confidence a huge amount. Overall the service was excellent and I also liked the ease of payment, with the block bookings being especially good.

  • Emily Wade

    I found J T School of Motoring after extensively searching the internet and looking at reviews. Their reviews were very good

  • Charlotte Holmes

    My brother passed his driving test first time with JT School of Motoring and said that they were very good. Their reputation was good, and the reviews on their website were very encouraging.

    I had never driven before, and thought it would be quite easy. I was wrong – in fact it was quite challenging at times. But my Driving Instructor, Keith Garlick, Helped me all the way through. His teaching methods were very clear and understandable.

    I definitely would recommend JT School of Motoring to anyone thinking of starting to learn to drive who wants to pass first time. Their teaching methods are excellent.

    I tried to think of something that could be done to improve the teaching or customer services, but couldn’t think of anything.

  • Will Gale

    I chose JT School of Motoring because a family member had passed with them a while ago. Additionally, their pupil reviews were excellent. I had never sat behind the wheel of a car before, so I found it a little nerve wracking. However, my Driving Instructor Keith Garlick quickly got me to start feeling confident as his teaching methods were second to none.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending JT School of Motoring to anyone. Keith was very friendly and honest and made the whole process easier than I expected. Overall, I was very happy with the customer service and the whole experience. I can’t think of any way it could be improved.

  • Vicqui Butterworth

    After failing three previous tests with another instructor, I decided to try someone new. I saw a JT School of Motoring car while out and about and decided to enquire. Keith Garlick took me for an initial assessment to see where I was going wrong. Following this we discussed a clear action plan. Keith’s instructions were clear, structured and extremely helpful in ironing out any creases that were causing me to fail.

    Thanks to all Keith’s help and support, 5 weeks later I passed my practical, my first one with JTSOM ! I truly believe this is down to the excellent teaching style and the belief keith had in me. He really gave me the confidence that I needed to get me through.

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