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JT School of Motoring have been providing driving lessons in the Halifax area for many years and have built a strong track record in customer success.

Our Driving Instructors have all been CRB checked for your safety. They offer Driving Tuition in a Client Centred way, as the DVSA now recommend. This means that the lessons are completely geared to the pupils needs and preferences. The Instructor will always have a plan, based on past lessons, problems encountered etc, but will ensure the pupil is involved in setting the objectives of each lesson.

We regard ourselves as amongst the very best of Driving Schools in Halifax, but not the cheapest. Not all Driving Schools or Instructors are the same, there are different grades of Instructors and they can work to different standards. We strive to be the best, and ensure we keep our training up to date with current teaching and coaching methodologies. Our aim is to help you pass your test first time, as quickly as possible. This ultimately means you will take fewer lessons, and thus spend less money on lessons and tests.

The cost of failure can be high – another test fee, and more lessons. Getting it right first time is the best possible way forward.

We at JT School of Motoring are so confident in our customer service and Driving Tuition abilities that we offer a Money Back Guarantee. If new learners commit to 10 hours of tuition with us, I will personally authorise a refund if you are unhappy with any aspect of our service.

Have a look at some of our Customer Reviews and see what previous students thought of us, don’t just take our word for how good we are. Trust us with your Driving Tuition and we won’t let you down.

I wish you the best possible success with your quest to obtain your full driving licence, whether you choose one of our competitors or JT School of Motoring to help you get there.

Warm regards
John Thomas

Theory Test Pro in partnership with JT School of Motoring

Recent Passes & Reviews

Most Recent Pass

Jonathon Kilkenny

Many congratulations to Jonathon Kilkenny of Elland on passing his practical driving test. A massive amount of credit is due to you for persevering. It’s been a journey, but it was all worthwhile when the Examiner said those golden words, “Congratulations, you’ve passed”. I know how much this meant to you, and I can’t be happier for you. Will there be a fight now between you and Mrs K as to who gets the car?

All the best from John Thomas, your Diving Instructor, and all the team here at JT School of Motoring.

Recent Reviews

  • Jodie Bailey

    I chose JT School of Motoring because their pupil reviews were excellent, also family member had passed with them a while ago. I had never driven before, and was very nervous about the prospect of controlling a car on my own. But my Driving Instructor, John Thomas, quickly put me at ease. His teaching methods were very good, and I enjoyed my lessons so much more than I had expected. I didn’t feel rushed, and felt that I received a thorough training. That’s probably why I passed first time!

    I tried to think of something that could be done to improve the teaching or customer services, but couldn’t think of anything.