Recent Passes

Josh Conner Test Pass Telford

Congratulations to Josh Conner from Dawley Bank, Telford on passing his Practical Driving Test with just a couple of driving faults.

Well done Josh, nice drive, and back home by 10am with a full driving licence. Good start to the week.

Getting to Uni will be so much easier now.

Very best wishes to you for the future from your Driving Instructor John Thomas, and all the team at JT School of Motoring.

January 19

Meghan Conway pass driving test Telford

Massive congratulations to Meghan Conway from Wrockwardine Wood, Telford on passing her Practical driving Test yesterday 18th September 2018.
It's been a journey! Forgetting how to change gear, which side to give way to on roundabout etc, etc. But you cracked it in the end with just a few minor driving faults.
So the world is your oyster now. Good luck with the car search, and I'll see you for a motorway session.
All the very best from your driving instructor, John Thomas, and all the team at JT School of Motoring.

September 18

Lee Corfield Driving Test Pass Telford

Many congratulations to Lee Corfield from Overdale, Telford on passing his driving test at the first attempt, and with only a few minor driver faults.
8:20 test, then back to work. Nice start to the day, and life should become a lot easier now. No more buses, trains and taxis!
All your hard work and my nagging paid off. 
Best wishes to you from your driving instructor John Thomas and all the team at JT School of Motoring.

May 18

Harriet Vinall

First Time Pass. Many congratulations to Harriet Vinall of Priorslee, Telford on passing her practical driving test today, 16th April 2018. After having the test cancelled last week because of the fog it was a relief today to get going. There were 5 people ready to take their test, but only 4 Examiners. Fortunately we had an examiner, and it all went well!
So now that sporty little convertible is waiting for you. Enjoy it Harriet, and be safe. It's been a pleasure helping you get your licence, we did have a bit of a laugh during our driving lessons. 
All the best from your Driving Instructor, John Thomas, and all the team at JT School of Motoring.

April 18

Lauren Whalley Test Pass

Many congratulations to Lauren Whalley of Admaston on passing her Driving Test 1st time with just 2 minor driving faults. 

It was a really good confident drive, far removed from when you started your driving lessons in telford just a few months ago. The examiner was so impressed he let you virtually abandon the car back at the test centre, as the previous 40 minute drive had been so good.

So now is the time to start nagging your Dad to get you a little car so that you don't have to walk all the way to the station to catch the train to Shrewsbury!

All the very best from your Driving Instructor John Thomas, and all the team at JT School of Motoring.

March 18

Val Greenslade

Great start to the week for Val Greenslade from Sutton Hill. Passing her test first time, with very few minor driver errors.
Determination and hard work paid off. Between the 2 of us we got you ready for your test in less than 7 weeks.
Very well done Val. That little Clio looks like it's raring to go. 
Thanks for choosing us for your driving lessons in Telford.

From your driving Instructor John, and all the team at JT School of Motoring

February 18

Felicity Painter

Congratulations to Felicity Painter of Donnington, Telford on passing her Driving Test 1st time on 20 February 2018, with a couple of minor driver faults.

Thank you for choosing JT School of Motoring as you Driving School from all the others available in Telford. I know it's been a bit of a slog for you, but you managed to pull it all together on the day, and drive like we both know you can. You obviously impressed the Driving Examiner with your good, safe drive. That's why he allowed you abandon the car across 2 bays in the car park at the end!!

Get your insurance sorted now, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks time for a motorway session.

All the very best from your Driving Instructor John, and all the Telford team at JT School of Motoring. 

February 18

Recent Reviews

Ben Payne Pupil review Telford

I was looking for a driving instructor in Telford on the web. I was particularly wanting a friendly, easy going instructor who could be flexible with lesson days and times because of my shift calendar. JT School of Motoring came out as being exactly that. Additionally, Sam a friend of mine passed first time after taking driving lessons with this school, and I am a strong believer in word of mouth recommendations. It takes a lot to please Sam, so that was impressive! 

John took the stress out of learning and the test for me. I'm used to being on a motorbike, and it was difficult at first as I had a lot of bad habits. But like creased clothing, John ironed them out.

His teaching methods were easy and simple. Everything flowed and nothing was complicated.

I certainly recommend JTSoM to anybody as they are honest, easy to work with, don't book lessons if you don't need them. Overall A1 service and super friendly.

Chi Wing Kieran Yau

I’d had a bad experience with a previous instructor, and looked online at the pupil reviews for JT School of Motoring. They were very good, and from the start, the communication and friendliness reassured me. John’s teaching methods were great, better than any I’d been shown before – and helped me to pass my test. John was very informative, and always on time. I really don’t think there’s any way they can improve!

Jordan Broome

I chose JT School of Motoring because their prices are very competitive and they could fit lessons in around my schedule. They are very easy to communicate with for booking lessons, payments, test booking etc. I found it easier than I had expected to get to test standard. My Driving Instructor, John Thomas, pushed me, to enable me to pass after only 9 lessons. They also found me an earlier test, before I had to go in to hospital for an op.

After all that I passed first time! I would definitely recommend JT School of Motoring to anyone thinking of starting to learn to drive.

Ralitsa Vasileva

After looking at pass rates and reviews of various driving schools I chose JT School of Motoring because they stood out as being so good. I was particularly looking for an instructor who was calm and ready to explain things in ways I could understand. My Instructor, John, was great and explained things again and again until I got it.

I really did not expect such a patient Instructor. His teaching methods were excellent and very logical. He taught me everything using easy to understand and effective methods. Thanks to him I not only passed my driving test first time, but the examiner said it was a ‘great drive’.

I have already recommended JT School of Motoring to 2 of my friends, it was such a great experience. I am really demanding, but was completely satisfied with the service I received.

Sam Stephens

I was looking for an Instructor who could make me believe that I was good enough to pass my test, and someone who could motivate me. So I studied the reviews and decided on JT School of Motoring. I made an excellent choice.

My Instructor John Thomas is a nice friendly guy. Very patient and wanting to teach you – not just there for the money. Learning to drive properly was harder than I thought it was going to be. There’s so much going on, more than I ever imagined as a passenger.

The teaching methods were brilliant for me, both verbal and practical examples, with diagrams too sometimes to get the trickier bits across. I’ve recommended JT School of Motoring to my friends – one of them has started his lessons already!

Communication with Lisa, who manages payments, lesson bookings etc was quick and easy – no matter what the time of day, or day of the week. I passed my test first time, and felt confident going into the test.