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JT School of Motoring was established in 2006 with the aim of providing the highest quality driver training possible. Over 12 years later, that is still our mission. We have helped hundreds of students gain their full licence, and go on to experience the freedom of the open road – traffic conditions permitting of course!

All our Instructors have passed CRB checks to ensure your safety and security. Their standard of tuition is of the highest quality and is completely tailored to your requirements. It’s referred to as Client Centred Learning. Quite simply put, we make sure we teach you in a way that suits you. Some people prefer words, other diagrams, other may respond better to being shown an example. Whatever works best for you is the method we will utilise. Our focus being to get you through your practical driving test as quickly, and therefore as cost effectively as possible.

We are certainly not the cheapest Driving School in Huddersfield. We do not ‘stack it high and sell it cheap’. We provide a quality learning experience in such a way that prepares you for life on our busy roads. Our Instructors keep themselves up to date with their training to make sure you always get the best lessons available. The cost of failure can be very high, and that’s without thinking of the emotional aspect of failing.

Cheap lessons usually mean that corners will be cut, and that will almost always impact on the learning process. You end up taking more lessons, maybe not passing at the first or even second attempt. Our first-time pass rate is exceptional, so ultimately fewer lessons equals a smaller cost overall.



Have a look at some of our customer reviews and you will see that this approach has been appreciated by many many students, and given them confidence once they are driving on their own after passing their test. This approach has given us a very strong reputation and gives us the enviable position of having a very high rate of referrals from friends and relatives. We treasure and rely on our reputation so constantly strive to improve the service we provide.

Read our reviews and see what our customers say about us.

Whether or not you choose JT School of Motoring to help you acquire your full driving licence, I wish you every success with us, or one of our competitors.

Best Regards

John Thomas

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  • Imarah Islam Driving Test Pass Huddersfield - Huddersfield

    Congratulations to Imarah Islam from Paddock, Huddersfield on passing her Practical Driving Test first time with just 3 minor driving faults. 
    It was a hard slog for you, but you persevered and became a very proficient driver. The Examiner was impressed and told you what we all know - have more belief in yourself.
    Good luck with Uni, and I'll see you around on the roads of Huddersfield.
    All the best from your Driving Instructor, John Thomas, and all the team at JT School of Motoring.

    Imarah Islam Driving Test Pass Huddersfield from Huddersfield driving school  
  • Meghan Conway pass driving test Telford - Telford

    Massive congratulations to Meghan Conway from Wrockwardine Wood, Telford on passing her Practical driving Test yesterday 18th September 2018.
    It's been a journey! Forgetting how to change gear, which side to give way to on roundabout etc, etc. But you cracked it in the end with just a few minor driving faults.
    So the world is your oyster now. Good luck with the car search, and I'll see you for a motorway session.
    All the very best from your driving instructor, John Thomas, and all the team at JT School of Motoring.

    Meghan Conway pass driving test Telford from Telford driving school  
  • Brandon Wood Test Pass Huddersfield - Huddersfield

    Congratulations to Brandon Wood of Lindley, Huddersfield on passing his Driving Test 1st time, today 4th January 2019. 
    Amsterdam for the New Year, then back to Huddersfield and passing your test. Great start to the year!
    It’s been a pleasure teaching you, even though you needed pushing at times. 
    Now you need to start hassling to get added to someone’s insurance.
    So, just like your brother, passed 1st time with JT School of Motoring - but you had less faults! 
    Well done Brandon, from your Driving Instructor John Thomas and all the team at JT School of Motoring.


    Brandon Wood Test Pass Huddersfield from Huddersfield driving school