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  • Be Consistent.

Book and take a lesson every week. Research has shown that consistency with lessons results in fewer overall hours required, and a higher pass rate.

Two hour lessons avoids the frustration of not being able to master a topic when the time runs out. The longer lesson allows you to have a good introduction to a topic, practice, then develop your skills. You will learn much more, and pass more quickly.

  • Plan for your Driving Lesson.

Don’t rush out of the door as your Driving Instructor arrives without having a good think about your last lesson. What did you practice? What went well, and what do you still need to work on?

If something has  happened whilst you’ve been a passenger, or been practicing that you’ve not understood, make sure to ask your instructor about it.

Make the most of YOUR driving lessons.

  • Start with a review of the last lesson.

How did the last lesson go? Your Instructor should be asking you questions to ensure that you fully understood the topics covered in your last lesson, and the theory surrounding the next subject. Starting to study for your theory test when you start your driving lessons will help massively in getting to grips with new subject areas.

  • The Lesson Plan.

A lesson plan is essential to making good structured progress. Your Instructor will take into account the last lesson, what you would like to cover, and then the two of you should set clear objectives for what is to be achieved from this lesson. Setting off and seeing what happens during the drive is a complete waste of time, and more importantly your hard earned cash.

  • Structured Lessons.

Your Driving Lessons should follow a structured path from very easy at the beginning and then increase in complexity as you progress. Your instructor should be encouraging you to develop by asking you relevant questions to check your understanding. This is a very important procedure as responsibility is gradually transferred to you. Generally speaking driving lessons will have a talk through stage to ensure you are completing the objectives correctly with your driving instructor talking you through each element required. The next stage will be prompted questions where your driving instructor will ask you in advance what are you going to do BEFORE you do it, so correction can take place if required. This is an important stage as you will now be taking some responsibility for your actions and control. The final stage is normally independent practice, this is where your driving instructor will keep quiet (yeah!!) and let you drive unaided and practice what you have learnt. He/she will be ready to intervene if required, so dont worry you are not on your own.

  • Summary of the lesson

What you discuss at the end of your lesson, will compound the retention of that newly gained knowledge and understanding.

Think back to the objective that was agreed at the beginning of your driving lesson and discuss what actions were taken and whether progress was made. This is a great opportunity to evaluate your driving lesson and decide if your objective was achieved. Objectives are not always achieved in full, but what is very important at this stage is that you understand why! Any misunderstanding or further practice can be carried forward to the next lesson as failure to do this will lead to frustration and a lack of confidence.

  • Self Evaluation

Be honest with yourself!

Are you still making mistakes during your driving lessons? Many students fail their driving tests because they are not driving consistently well before they go to test. Arriving for your practical driving test knowing that you are lacking in confidence due to inconsistent driving will just add to the anxiety and many will blame test day nerves, but in reality it’s generally down to lack of consistency in the build-up to test day.

Being able to drive well during your lesson and make very few minor errors, and no serious errors will make a massive difference to your confidence and this will be reflected during your driving test.

  • Listen to the Advice from Your Driving Instructor

Driving Instructors are highly trained individuals,  experienced at assessing when you are ready for your driving test. You are paying for professional advice – so it would be wise to listen to it. You will know if you are still making mistakes and your instructor will be reluctant to take you to test on that basis. They will have been working with you and building a rapport over a period of time and the last thing your instructor or you want is a test fail. Your driving instructor will have a massive incentive to get you a 1st time pass as their reputation depends on a high pass rate and the drive home from a failed test is the worst feeling in the world.

Work with your Driving Instructor, make sure the tips outlined above  are followed. Then there is no reason why your 1st driving Test will be your only Driving Test.






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