If you’re thinking of taking driving lessons in Huddersfield then this first article in a series
will help you on the way.

Before doing your research on the best driving school around (it’s JT School of Motoring,
obviously!) you need to get a provisional licence.

How to apply for provisional driving licence

The first step on the road to a full UK driving licence is applying for your provisional driving
licence. You have to live in Great Britain (there’s a different service in Northern Ireland) and you
have to be at least 15 years, nine months old. If you want to drive a car, you’ll need to be at least
17 before you can do so on UK roads.

There are, however, exceptions to the age limit. You can get a provisional licence and take your
car driving test at 16 if you receive the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) that’s made to
long-term sick or disabled people. 

Use the link below to start the process.
https://www.gov.uk/apply-first- provisional-driving- licence